Hayley you cutie.


And of course, the most beautiful, amazing and stunning being on the planet. Just the epitome of perfection #wcw hayleywilliams hayleywilliasm hayleywilliamsupdated

Heres my first psd. I guess its more for dimmer photos, specifically made for live performances. Make sure to play around with the settings so it’ll work best for you. Like or reblog if using!


La amou.u


If you have hands and they’re not in the air, well you don´t deserve to have them.


-Y recuerda mientras más lento, mejor argumento!

jajajaja csmre Dave, te amo XD

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No puedes pasarte la vida lamentandote por cómo y porque paso. Lo viviste, lo sentiste y fue muy real, pero termino.


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